Friends of Broken Arrow Soccer Club - Flood Recovery Donation


...And the thunder rolled...

Spring season storms brought forth soggy fields at ISSC and muddy cleats to our players during the spring 2019 soccer season. Little did we know that on May 21st everything would change and that a natural disaster would impact our beloved soccer complex which lies along the Arkansas river.  

June 3rd, 13 days later we were able to access our buildings and soccer fields and view the damages left from this devasting flood which has affected so many lives in Oklahoma. Our first steps onto the ISSC soccer fields were precarious as they were covered in slick river silt with a variety of contaminates including oil and sewage.  It was like walking on ice and what we saw was startling! Strong, fast moving waters had moved our anchored heavy goals, knocked down fencing and left a messy scene of debris including tree limbs, dead fish and a motley of river castoffs throughout the fields.  

Our recently remodeled Headquarters and Referee building had signs of water just under a foot throughout. It was difficult to view the ruined work that had just been beautifully remodeled in April of 2018. The beautiful custom shelving for our referees and newly tiled floors in the HQ were covered in silt with river water still lingering in many areas. The telltale signs of a snake meandering through the silt on the floor left us onguard for any "critters" lingering about. A visit to the equipment building farther east in the complex left us speechless once the garage door was raised for the first time. The site of the destroyed equipment and the smells of propane, gas and sewage were overwhelming. All of our equipment both new and decades old was lying on the floor, left that way as the waters receded days earlier. The contents list inside the equipment building was LONG and included many special things that volunteers had lovingly made or donated. Destroyed equipment and tools were everywhere.  

On June 13th, a small group of volunteers signed waivers and were given special permission by the City of BA to clean out the contents inside the buildings. With masks on due to the high mold content and contaminated residue, volunteers moved, hauled, cleaned, sweated and lamented about the situation at hand. BASC lost approximately 3/4 of the contents of each building. 

BASC sought grants from FEMA but funding was not approved for our non-profit youth sports organization. Very upsetting and frustrating news!

Now we need to begin the recovery period and get back on our feet! BASC is proudly in its 45th year of operation and will stand tall in the face of this challenge. As part of this fundraising effort, we received pledges to match donations up to a designated amount. Any assistance you can provide the club will move us forward in our ability to quickly recover from this. Thank you for being a friend of Broken Arrow Soccer Club!


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