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  Jan 24 2020

  Michael Zildjian  has traveled to 45 of the continental United States, and has dived head first into the cultures of a dozen or so international countries. He has met people from all walks of life, from rock stars to geologists, sharing his stories and his philosophical views about life while drinking adult beverages or playing a round of golf. And make no mistake; Zildjian has played a lot of golf in a lot of places.  

 During Zildjian's visit to Nashville, he will be speaking to multiple audiences on how we can find comparisons between musical concepts and the interactions that we have with others on a daily basis.  There are endless parallels between music and life that can teach us how to bring our best to one or the other...or ideally to both.  Let's just take the concept of harmony as an example.  We live in a world where people shout their beliefs and opinions at each other as if they are gospel and generally leave no room for discussion with those who believe differently.  Imagine a band or an orchestra operating like that with random non sequitur notes being constantly blasted across the stage.  It would sound awful.  The musicians and the patrons would feel like their eardrums were being assaulted.  Yet this is largely how our divisive country and world work these days.  We need to find harmony again...a place where beliefs and opinions are shared and discussed respectfully and ultimately resonate on behalf of the greater good (not personal agendas). When we play music together we must leave space for all the notes to blend together in a harmonious fashion.  Notes cannot be forced to exist where they do not belong, nor should they be removed without a valid musical reason.  

 For more information on Michael Zildjian, his philosophy, and access to his awesome Youtube videos, visit the Zilosophy site here:   

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