Help to bring a KIDZ show to life!

The Details
  May 04 2020 . Oregon, USA

Want to help us make a difference?   This fundraiser benefits kids!  

Help FMI complete the development of an amazing kids show.  Today's kids are big consumers of entertainment.  But, so much of screentime for Gen Z is dark and hopeless.  We absolutely must provide this generation with another option.

Here's where your support of FMI can make a difference.  We are developing a children's tv series which will engage their world. The show brings great story,  fun action, and healthy dialogue, helping teen viewers to face challenges and important life questions with the characters. We hope it will become the next best thing for kids today.  

The time is right to bring this series to life.  While Hollywood  productions and shows are on hold or shut down because of quarantine, we have the opportunity to work with professionals who would otherwise be engaged in high profile productions.

We hope you'll jump on board with us!

Thanks in advance for joining FMI's development effortsl.

Posted by Faith Media International