Bnot Sinai Women's Beit Midrash Program | 2021

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Our Story

Bnot Sinai is an Orthodox summer beit midrash program for women of all ages, offering rigorous Torah studies in an engaging and welcoming environment. At Bnot Sinai, women come together to learn Torah from top-tier educators, with creativity, sincerity, and passion.

Bnot Sinai began as a Whatsapp group of college-aged women looking to pursue Torah learning together in a beit midrash setting. Since then, Bnot Sinai has offered outstanding Beit Midrash programming for three consecutive summers. We look forward to our fourth annual summer program, and hope to continue to expand opportunities for women in the Jewish community to continue to broaden their knowledge and love of Torah.

Bnot Sinai is a student-run operation, almost entirely funded by community donations. These contributions have provided many women with fulfilling summers of Torah learning.

Give the gift of Torah, today.

Tizku l’mitzvot!

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Bnot Sinai is a proud partner of Degel HaTorah (a division of Camp Binyan Torah), a not-for-profit organization that supports Modern Orthodox communities around the world.

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