Care for our Black Mothers

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Walk or Run for Maternal Health!

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I, in collaboration with March of Dimes, will be hosting a walk/run that participants will be able to complete on their own time after registering for the event and/or donating! The walk/run will open on the 10th of November and conclude on the 20th of December and will be 3 miles long in order to raise awareness for and reflect on the statistical disparities in maternal healthcare outcomes for black mothers. 

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Tuesday November 10th
to Thursday, December 20, 2020
United States
United States

Maternal Mortality and Racial Disparities

Black Mothers in Virginia, and nationwide, are anywhere between two to three (and sometimes, four) times more likely to die due to pregnancy-related complications than women of other races.  This disparity is rooted in the systemic racism that exists presently within our healthcare system and leads to things such as inherent bias and thus, lower-quality healthcare being provided to black mothers. In order to combat such a complex issue,  I have partnered with March of Dimes; An amazing organization that has been working tirelessly to combat this health equity crisis nationwide. 

Posted by Mikail Bonham