BIONEERS Youth Leadership Program Scholarship Campaign 2018

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  Sep 10 2018

Young people today face a world rife with challenges and uncertainty. As youth question how they want to influence the world and be a part of building a more equitable and regenerative future, they need the critical thinking skills, the compassion and the support to take up the responsibility of caring for this world. The Bioneers Youth Leadership Program (YLP) offers over 400 young leaders and activists the opportunity to listen, create, express themselves, ask hard questions and get real answers in an open-hearted, creative space. This program inspires and nurtures the next generation of visionary leaders through skill-building, mentoring and networking. 

For 27 years, the National Bioneers Conference has connected thousands of people with practical, visionary solutions for humanity's most pressing environmental and social challenges. The YLP connects young folks with peers and mentors so they feel empowered to respond creatively and engage fully in building a better world. Check out this video of our youth to learn more about the program! 

Your contribution is crucial to supporting this opportunity for young people to learn the skills and weave the web that will support their activism in social justice and environmental movements in their own communities. One young person attending Bioneers on scholarship for three days costs $275. Last year Bioneers provided over 400 scholarships to young activists, almost half were youth of color including over 100 Native American youth. You can be a critical part of awakening the passions of young people and empowering them to create positive change in their own communities.

The YLP promotes youth leadership and intersectional dialogue in a number of meaningful ways: 

The Community of Mentors program connects youth with experienced activists and leaders who offer in-person wisdom to help guide young leaders on their activist paths. Our youth-led collaborative art projects generate powerful group creativity and connection. Interactive workshops on restorative justice, gender and artivism engage youth in relevant and compelling issues of the day. The Poetry Slam elevates youth voices and creates a brave space where trauma and triumph are shared. The Youth Unity Center is a place where youth learn, network and inspire each other. Each youth scholar enjoys a healthy, delicious, local, organic lunch and snacks, ensuring that we nourish bodies as we seek to nourish change.

WE NEED YOU! Bioneers is committed to making our conference accessible to young people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We recognize that communities who are on the frontlines of environmental crises must be included and centralized in building solutions to climate change and social injustices. In 2017, we covered most of the youth scholarship expense out of our operating budget, which not a sustainable solution. We need your support to provide more scholarships. 

It is our intention to make the YLP accessible to young climate leaders and activists, many of whom have limited resources, which is why we are asking for your help! We invite you to contribute to developing leadership in our youth so they can help guide a graceful transition into our shared futures. 


If you're looking for another way to contribute, we are also selling one of a kind, custom t-shirts designed by Native American artist Jared Yazzie. All proceeds go to supporting Bioneers Youth Programming. 

Posted by Maya Carlson