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Miles for Maize
Support the Women of Bassin Caiman
  Jun 05 2020

8 hours a day.

32 hours a month.

384 hours a year.

This is the amount of time that will be saved by the women in Bassin Caiman when they are able to grind the corn they grow in their own village instead of walking 4 hours to the closest corn grinder.

Corn is a main staple in the lives of the people in Bassin Caiman; women depend on ground corn flour for much of their cooking. Currently, they must carry their corn to the closest grinding facility.

The Corn Grinder business will improve the quality of life not only for the women, but for their families as well. This small business will grow the economic potential of the local area by creating jobs for residents to operate, maintain, and manage the Corn Grinder business as well as expand the capacity for selling ground corn locally.

Support the women of Bassin Caiman as they work to increase the opportunity in their community.

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Posted by HAITI H2O

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