Virtual Bike/Walk/Run For Mental Health 2018

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  Sep 15 2018 . United States

Join our Virtual Bike, Walk, Run 5K or 10K community event for Mental Health and families. Our event kicks off on September 15-16, 2018.

 Gather all around Chicago and other cities and join Step Up For Mental Health for our first annual Virtual Bike, Walk, or Run Race. We are kicking off this event to raise funds for families with mental health-related issues. 

 What is a Virtual Bike, Walk or Run Race?

One of the things we are conscious about is all types of people wanting to do good or join a cause, but for whatever reason, chronic health issues like Fibromyalgia, time, energy, etc can get in the way and stops us. We don’t want to have any barriers for anyone. Hence, why we want everyone to join us for a Virtual Race of your choice! What is it? It’s people, teams, individuals getting out there on your bike, or walk to your local path, or even running (if you are into that) for families suffering from mental health and helping us raise a few bucks when you complete your race. 

 What are the Rules?

The rules are simple. You have any type of pedal bike (stationary works too), or if your city has bike sharing, grab it, and go out there during the weekend of September 15-16, 2018, and ride into the light of mental health.

...or walk with friends down a nice lakefront!

... or be bold and run a 5K or 10K in your city of choice!

Who Does this Benefit?

Well, everyone! We are all affected by mental health in big and small ways. But, let’s talk details - If you are someone or you know someone touched by mental health. Join us and enjoy the wind over your helmet, (safety first) and help us educate families on mental health. We are supporting families with small grants in need, assisting with our mentoring and tutoring programs for children in difficult homes and helping individuals up to three (3) months have access to therapy. The bike paths the limits!

How Do I Get Started?

Don't have time to do the race? Click the Donate button and ask your friends and family network to donate too! Don't forget to share the page on social media!

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