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  Dec 01 2019

Every person has the right to beauty and dignity, but not all are given their rights.  Not all are even acknowledged as human.  Slavery still exists.  It exists in every country in the world and it stripes people of their freedom and their dignity.  So many in slavery are not even old enough to realize they have rights, they have value, they matter.  We want to stop this horror before it ever has a chance to start.  Beauty For Ashes has a transition home for young girls in North Africa, to prevent girls who are oprhaned, shunned by society, abandoned, or in harms way with their own family.  We provide a loving home, we help them complete their education, give them food, safety, friendship, counseling, and responsibility so they can learn and grow into independent capable and safe participants in society.  We love what we do.  We love having the opportunity to intersect with vulnerable girls, to rescue them from the unsafe environments which perpetuate human trafficking, and stopping the trauma before it ever begins.  We opened our doors January 2018, and have lovingly walked 6 girls at a time through our doors and safely into jobs, healthy communities, and indepence without the baggage of trauma.  

Something we have learned along the way is each individual has seperate needs, that cannot be necessarily planned for.  Some may need regular medical care, some need mental health professionals to walk alongside them, some have emergency medical needs.  We want to be the support and safe system they can come into to have their basic needs met so they can have the space to grow in responsibility and independence.  In order to do this well, we need to have a medical and emergency fund for these girls so we can provide the best care possible.  

Because we work with 6 girls at a time, and those girls rotate out of the program and new ones come in, it can be difficult to assess the exact amount needed at a given time.  So, our goal with this fundraiser to create a medical and emergency fund that can be used as needs arise. 

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