Reclaiming Roots: Provide the Gift of History to Ethiopian Adoptees

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Thousands of Ethiopian adoptees are living without their family and cultural history. Their Ethiopian relatives live in despair wondering what became of their children. The need is great and the burden is heavy.

Between 2003 and 2016, 32,591 Ethiopian children were adopted internationally. It can be difficult for adoptees to grow up not knowing where they came from or why they did not remain with their original families. Open adoption (where there is some level of contact or communication between children and their families of origin) is now widely recognized as best practice, but that has not been facilitated in Ethiopian adoption. What many people take for granted, like knowing they look like their parents, hearing stories of their birth, or having baby pictures, is often a source of sadness and confusion for Ethiopian adoptees.  

Watch a short video of Amarech, reunited with her family by Beteseb Felega - Ethiopian Adoption Connection (right click the link, open in new tab) .

While most people are familiar with positive outcomes in international adoption, there are also challenges. Many Ethiopian families relinquished their children believing they would receive regular updates. In the vast majority of cases, not only do they not receive updates, but they also do not know which country the children went to or if the children are still alive. Imagine, if you can, how you would feel if this were your child.

Beteseb Felega - Ethiopian Adoption Connection a grassroots effort to reconnect family members separated by adoption and provide post-adoption services to adoptees, Ethiopian families, and adoptive parents. Since 2014, we have reconnected many adoptees with their families in Ethiopia who were looking for each other.

"Thanks to Beteseb Felega (EAC) I now have contact with my biological family in Ethiopia. My biological mother has been searching for me for more then 30 years. I’m planning to visit them in Addis Abeba in Jan 2018. All I can say is that 'life goes in mysterious ways!'” – Måns in Sweden, reunited after more than 40 years"

We provide a free search database where both adoptees and families in Ethiopia can register their search. Our social workers (degree educated) travel to different parts of Ethiopia to reach out to families who want to search. All services provided to Ethiopian families are free of charge. Services to adoptees with limited financial resources are often significantly reduced.

We now urgently need to raise funds to maintain and expand our efforts to reach more families in more parts of Ethiopia. We are raising funds to pay for a motorbike to allow social workers to reach remote areas cheaply,  wages for the ongoing outreach work of our social workers, and funds to cover free services for Ethiopian adoptees in need as well as Ethiopian birth families

Please help this effort by donating as well as sharing this campaign with your social networks  - especially to anyone interested in adoption.

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Posted by David Grainger