Be an UPStander for a Safe and Healthy AFA Building!

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  Nov 15 2020

Be an UPStander! Stand Up for Safety and Protecting Each Other by supporting our 2020 Online Fundraiser Campaign!

We all miss our AFA building so much! And we miss being together in person hearing laughter, sharing stories and creating memories in a shared space even more! 

But from what we've learned so far, in order to come together, we need to create a safe and healthy space for each other. We've had time to learn from schools and organizations around the country on best practices to make our building a safe place to share.

Our school wide theme this year is to be UPStanders, which means we stand up to do what is right even when it is difficult. We are asking you to join us being UPStanders as we work to make a safe and healthy environment for us all to return to.

We need to plan and work hard to have a space that lets us be together in ways we love to learn. Even though our classrooms won’t look the same as we remember and going back may mean we  start with a few of us at a time it’s important that we are ready when the time comes.

With your help we know we can be ready to be together again, Insha'Allah!

Your donations will go towards helping our school and classrooms have all they need to make sure that each of our students can learn and be safe.  We’ll need air filters, hand sanitizing stations, extra staff and cleaning personnel.  In our classrooms, it may mean a special screen, a microphone and speakers for our teachers.  This added technology will let us all see, hear, and participate actively whether we are in person or learning from home.

Getting all these things in place will take time but with your donations toward our $30,000 goal we know we can be ready when the time is right to begin returning to our school.


Posted by Al Fatih Academy