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Bear Crawl 5K

Students from the BASD are hosting a 5k race to raise awareness for Cancer in hopes to one day find a cure. The cost to join the race is $25.00. So if you can run, walk, or even crawl, please join us on Saturday September 7th. We will have music, vendors, and raffles for participants and others attending. Participants will also receive a t-shirt, water, snacks, and other goodies. Medals will be awarded to winners of each age group. Donations by those unable attend are also accepted and greatly appreciated.  

We are looking for company sponsorhips to promote companies, and help pave a path towards success.

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Saturday September 7th
9:00 Am - 12:00 PM
Boyertown Community Park, Boyertown, PA, USA
Boyertown Community Park, Boyertown, PA 19512, USA


My name is Tyler, and I am from Boyertown Pennsylvania.  I am a high school student with big goals, and I am in need of help from caring people.  My family has suffered through  Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and more.  These were tough moments for us and I wanted to help other people avoid the same.  I hope to research cancer cures personally after college, but I believed I could do more now.  My mission was  to help in any way I could.  I came to the idea of a 5k race to raise money, and donate the proceeds for cancer research.  

I contacted my town and they turned me down immediately because of the large insurance policy required to hold such an event. I was too passionate about this to let it fail,  but I needed help. I began emailing companies to help with the policy, but the emails were ignored, and that would not stop me either.  I contacted the American Cancer Society and was able to partner with that great company and gain the necessary insurance  coverage.

Things were going great, until the town leadership had to vote on the race, and it was denied twice. I set out with three other trustworthy people I knew to brainstorm.  After  many hours of planning, we successfully reworked our entire plan and got the race approved.  Now all we need is your help! 

We are in search of caring people who want to help and are willing to donate money to cover race costs and help towards an ending goal of a cure.

We created The Bear Crawl 5k as an event that will bring our community together and fight the battle against cancer.  Our community has few events like this and we set out  to fill the deficit. Yes, we are indeed young, but to say that making an impact requires age underestimates our abilities. 

Please donate today, and hope to see many of you on race day!

Posted by Mariellen Kehler