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beREAL 24hr Challenge

A 24hr Virtual Race to eliminate the stigma of depression & anxiety disorders. 

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Saturday May 4th
All Day



First of all, this global run is like a DIY race. In one day, May 4th, 2019, everyone that is registered will run between 1 mile and 300 miles. You can choose to run the 24 hours solo or gather a huge group of friends and run it together. Your miles will be tracked and submitted! The race is not based on fast you get between point A and point B, it is based on how far you can go in 24 hours!! The top finisher isn’t who runs the fastest mile or the fastest marathon it’s who goes the farthest wherever they want on May 4th. The champion could be circling the supermarket, running on a track or summiting Everest!! The whole point is to get everyone out and running around the globe on the same day! Oh, and there are some AWESOME PERKS involved in the registration

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WHO IS d2e?

d2e is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to erasing the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety disorders. Together, we can create a light in the darkness.

Our current area of focus is our HEAL Kids Program a workshop for students, teachers, & parents teaching compassionate leadership and tools to better communicate emotions.

The beREAL 24hr challenge is a virtual race that is meant to support and fundraise for the HEAL Kids program. Run as many miles as you can starting at your front door! Good luck!

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