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Become a Hero for Heroes – A Fundraising Initiative for PACT for Animals

Soldiers and their pets. A bond that transcends borders. Many brave soldiers are left with a horrible choice, when being deployed or seeking medical care, of what to do with their beloved best friend.

Hero for Heroes is your chance to ease a soldier’s mind, so their pet is in a good home as they fight to keep the USA safe. Hero for Heroes is determined to ensure that no pet is left behind, or worse, brought to a shelter. To date PACT has saved over 1,000 pets!

Now’s the time to care for the committed men and women who care for you. Imagine the relief our military men and women will feel in knowing that their pet is well cared for. When they return from service, defending our country, we can honor them by providing them with the comfort of their own loving animal. It’s hard enough coming back to civilian life. Don’t let them do it alone.

PACT facilitates animal foster care for those in the military who have to give up their pets temporarily. Sadly, without PACT, these pets might end up in a shelter. Our soldiers could lose their pets forever.

When Nathan came to PACT for help a few months ago, he feared he would have to give up his beloved dog, Keno, just before he deployed with the US Air Force. But because of your support, Nathan found a great foster home for Keno, and he'll get to see him again when he returns!

Please make sure every soldier’s pet is well-cared for while they are in service or seeking medical attention. We need to form a network, to help many pets and soldiers, not just a few. Here are the details . . .

Get Involved

That’s where you come in. Join us by pledging to raise funds to assist with this important work. Contact us today and we’ll set you up with a Go Fund Me for Charities account where you can raise money as a Hero for Heroes. Please reach out to us at with your name and phone number. If you prefer to call, please reach out at (610) 581-4141

Of course, any amount you raise helps, but setting a goal is the first step to success. We have four fundraising tiers, each with a different incentive prize.

Pet Advocate: Raise $500 - PACT T shirt

Pet Protector: Raise $1,000 - PACT Embroidered Jacket and previous shirt.

Hero for Heroes: Raise $2,500 - Bluetooth Speaker: House of Marley Bluetooth speakers with a Hero for Heroes Logo as well as the shirt and jacket.

Champion of Champions: Raise $10,000 - All previous prizes and special plaque.

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