The Battle at Branded One 2019

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The Battle at Branded One 2019

Register for our second annual CrossFit competition, The Battle at Branded One, in honor of Veterans Day and our Branded Heroes.

This is a three workout competition with a fourth workout for the top 5 teams in each division. Teams are to consist of 3, same-sex partners.

Event 1: Fundraising will also be a component of the competition, as we are a nonprofit to benefit physically and mentally disabled servicemen and women.


After registering your team, you may begin fundraising through this website under your team name. Fundraising is the first event of this competition, so we encourage you to start your fundraising once you've signed up.

The minimum donation is: $100

After the minimum donation, the points will be tiered as follows:

Top 25% of funds raised = 1 point (1st place)

Next 25% of funds raised = 2 points (2nd place)

Bottom 50% of funds raised = 3 points (3rd place)

Any team not meeting the minimum donation will receive 6 points (6th place).

Event 2 - Workout 1: "Chuck Kolpack"

Score 1A: Reps

Score 1B: Calories on Rower

Time Cap: 8 Minutes

Tiebreak: N/A


1A: AMRAP (8 min)

4 Toes to Bar

3 Pull Ups

2 Chest to Bar

1 Muscle Up (15 sec bar hang to skip)

1B: Max Calorie Row


1A: AMRAP (8 min)

4 Knee Raises

3 Jumping Pull Ups

2 Pull Ups (15 sec bar hang to skip)

1B: Max Calorie Row

Workout Rules: One athlete allowed to work at a time on 1A and one athlete on 1B. Athletes are allowed to change positions at any point during the workout. If the team cannot complete a Muscle Up/Pull Up(Scaled), they may elect to do a 15 second bar hang to bypass the rep(s). Calories will be recorded at the end of 8 minutes. Rollover calories will not be included.

Event 3 - Workout 2: "Kim Keller"

Score: Time

Time Cap: 10 Minutes

Tiebreak: Time to complete 3 rounds


6 Rounds:

100m Run

22 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

22 Push-Ups


6 Rounds:

100m Run

22 Dumbbell Snatches (35/20)

22 Knee Push-Ups

Workout Rules: Each athlete is required to do a complete round before the next athlete can begin their round. The order that the athletes complete the first 3 rounds must stay the same for the final 3 rounds (ex. Athlete 1 - Athlete 2 - Athlete 3 - Athlete 1 - Athlete 2 - Athlete 3).

Event 4 - Workout 3: "Michael Shaleen"

Score: Reps

Time Cap: To Be Announced At Event

Tiebreak: Time to Complete Lunge



100m Synchronized Overhead Lunge (135/75)

AMRAP (remainder of time):

15 Synchronized Zurcher Squats (135/75)

15 Synchronized Ground to Overhead (135/75)

10 Synchronized Burpee Over Plate Worm(135/75)



100m Synchronized Overhead Lunge (75/30)

AMRAP (remainder of time):

15 Synchronized Zurcher Squats (75/30)

15 Synchronized Ground to Overhead (75/30)

10 Synchronized Burpee Over Plate Worm (75/30)

Workout Rules: Athletes must touch all their knees on the ground at the same time at the bottom of the lunge and then reach full hip and knee extension at the top of the lunge to avoid penalty. A 10 second pause penalty is enforced for any no rep during the lunge. When performing squats the athletes must break the parallel plane in bottom of the squat at the same time and then reach full hip and knee extension at the same time for squat rep to count. When performing ground to overheads all weights must touch the ground at the same time and then be locked out overhead with full elbow, hip, and knee extension at the same time for rep to count. If at any point any portion of the plate worm is dropped on the ground a 10 second pause penalty will be enforced. When performing burpees, one athlete must jump over to the opposite side of the plate worm to begin their burpees. When performing burpees each team member must touch their chest to the ground at the bottom of the burpee at the same time before getting up to jump over the plate worm.

Top 5 Teams Only:

Event 5 - Workout 4: Matthew Haynes 

Score: Combined Score of Individual Team Member Placing (Lower is Better)

Time Cap: 30 Seconds/Platform

Tiebreak: Front Squat Reps Completed at Heaviest Weight


Clean Ladder (165-305/105-185)


Clean Ladder (105-185/65-125)

Workout Rules: Each athlete will have 30 seconds at each bar to attempt to clean the weight from the ground to a standing front rack position. The athlete can attempt the lift as many times as necessary in the 30 seconds. The window for completion closes exactly at 30 seconds. If the athlete does not achieve full knee and hip extension before the 30 second window closes, the rep will not count. If an athlete successfully lifts a bar, they are then allowed to AMRAP front squat the weight as many times as possible in the remaining time. Each rep counts for one point towards a tiebreak score in the event that another athlete ends on that bar.


Every team member registered will receive a swag bag and t-shirt. The top 3 teams in each division will receive exclusive prizes.

Bring your friends and family as there will be vendors on-site and various items to be raffled off throughout the day.


Please contact Nick McCombs at with any questions not answered on this website.


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Saturday November 9th
Branded One CrossFit, East Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, NV, USA
2055 E Windmill Ln #125, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA


One Nevada Veteran commits suicide every three days due to a variety of factors, including lack of support and PTSD. PTSD and other disabilities affect all service personnel, including military, firefighters, and police officers. However, those with PTSD and other disabilities recover better and have fuller lives when they are surrounded by a supportive community and engage in physical activity, which is why we exist. Branded One CrossFit creates the community servicemen and women are accustomed to. After leaving the service, they often feel alone or misunderstood and we alleviate these issues with the supportive and engaging community of Branded One. With  "The Battle at Branded One" we hope to raise awareness in our local community and help those Branded Heroes. This campaign will help us to continue our mission of providing FREE CrossFit memberships and support to disabled servicemen and women in our very own community.

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