Barry's Bootcamp Class & General Donations for The National Blood Clot Alliance/Stop the Clot

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Barry's Bootcamp Class & General Donations: National Blood Clot Alliance/Stop the Clot
Saturday October 27th
2:00 PM
Barry's Bootcamp, 19th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA
1345 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA



Please join us for a Barry's Bootcamp charity class benefiting the National Blood Clot Alliance/Stop the Clot. Barry's is generously allowing 100% of the proceeds to be donated to the organization. We'll be hosting the class in honor of our Dad, John Goode, who passed away suddenly from a pulmonary embolism as a result of an undetected blood clot in his leg which traveled to his lungs. The minimum donation for the class will be $35. Everyone who participates will receive a Stop the Clot t-shirt.

We hope you can make it! Please see below for instructions:

If you want to attend the class:

1. Sign up for the class by clicking "Register" on this page.

2. If you don't already have a Barry's account, please go to and "Sign Up" for one. Let us know the email you use to create the account. We’ll need to provide this email to the studio. 

3. Barry's will send you an email before the class formally booking you into  the class

*NOTE: You must sign up by  Friday 10/24!!

If you can’t attend the class but still want to donate: 

Donations are still accepted! Again, 100% of all proceeds will go straight to the organization. To do this, please click "Donate" on the top of this page.

Feel free to share with and invite friends.

The National Blood Clot Alliance:

Barry’s Bootcamp: 


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