Bark in Your Park Outdoor Challenge!

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Help us save lives.
  Jul 25 2020

2020 has thrown us some curveballs that we never imagined. But, not once did we consider throwing in the towel. As long as animals need help, Secondhand Hounds will keep plugging away, doing our best to make a difference in thousands of lives each and every year.

We have this immense community support and are so incredibly thankful for that. What we don't have is an ability to host the fundraisers that drive our organization forward, allowing us to save more and more animals in need. Typically, we have a 5K9 and a gala, which collectively bring in over $200,000 per year. This year is different. Neither of these events will happen.

We understand many people have fallen on hard times, but we have always believed in the power of numbers. How do you participate? Make a team!

What does making a team mean?! It means on the weekend of July 25th & 26th, you pledge to get yourselves moving and grooving outside! Whether you want to walk 2 miles, or bike 10 miles, or run a half marathon - do it for the dogs and cats of SHH. Shoot for a big goal and ask your friends and family to support your efforts by donating to your campaign. If you're not interested in making a team, please consider donating - even $5! Together, we can make such a huge difference.

As the director, I am pledging to walk 5 miles and bike 15 miles with my family. What's your promise?

As an incentive to fundraise your tails off, we have come up with some AMAZING prizes (including a 4 night stay at Lutsen Resort Cliffhouse Townhomes) for highest individual  fundraisers. The top fundraisers as of noon on July 27th will be able to pick a prize (the highest fundraiser will pick first, second highest second, etc.).

We hope to blow our goal out of the water! The animals depend on it. Thank you.