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As we all know, the past week has been full of devastating news from the Bahamas. Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane with 185 mph winds, the strongest recorded hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas, has left unprecedented destruction in it’s path. The video coming in from Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands is truly heartbreaking. What once was a paradise has now turned into ruins in a matter of days. The good news is, that despite the wreckage left behind by Dorian, it‘s an opportunity for the community to become united, and rebuild together. To help with that, today I’m asking for donations to help with the relief and restoration of the Bahamians lives that have been so negatively impacted by this storm.

- There are 3 options on where you may chose to spend your donations:

• Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund at the Coastal Community Foundation

• Direct Relief charity

• UNICEF USA charity

- What do each of these charities do with the donations they receive?

• The Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Fund is run by a non-profit organization, the Coastal Community Foundation, partnered with The Grand Bahama Port Authority, to provide financial resources to support relief and recovery efforts in Grand Bahama. (donations tax-deductible under US tax code)

• The Direct Relief charity is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization with the goal of providing medical aid to affected areas, as well additional medical caches which include a wide range of supplies from first-aid to viral medications for chronic diseases and allergic reactions - info from Direct Relief website under hurricane Dorian tab (donations tax-deductible under US tax code)

• The UNICEF USA organization is also non-profit, with the goal of working “alongside the Bahamas’ National Emergency Management Agency, UN agencies and other partners to provide humanitarian aid to children and families, with a special focus on water, sanitation, and hygiene.” -UNICEF USA website under hurricane Dorian tab. (donations tax-deductible under US tax code)

- Thank you so much for your donations towards the support of Bahamian citizens in this time of crisis. Your generosity is truly appreciated and will certainly have a positive effect on the lives of families in dire need of your help.


Posted by William Godfrey