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  Jul 27 2018 . Wilkesboro, NC, USA

A Wilkes student writes: “When I was little, my parents had 4 kids in one house. Neither of my parents had a job; my mom being addicted to drugs never could obtain one. My father, who is now deceased, had one leg and really bad health problems, therefore he was not able to get a job either. No one in my family worked. We depended on food stamps and other family members. My parents sent us to our friends’ houses so we would be fed. In school I remember being called to the office every Friday and with a smile on my face I would receive different kinds of food in a bag. I was little at the time and I had no idea where the food came from. At age 9, I was extremely malnourished and I was moved into a new home. 

“I am now 18 and I recently volunteered at Samaritan Kitchen. There I learned that they have a program called “The Backpack Program” I looked around and they looked so familiar and I was told that they were given out to kids at school. Right then and there, I realized where that bag of goodies came from when I was little. Without this program kids would be starving. I remember days I would come to school on Mondays because I wasn’t fed over the weekend, I would eat breakfast and lunch at school and that would be all I had to eat that day. But with the backpack program giving kids food, it helps them not starve as much as they normally would on the weekends and weekdays. Without the food they provided for my family, I may not have been here today. I am just one out of the hundreds of kids in Wilkes that they have helped and that they continue to help.”

We expect over 700 Wilkes County school children will be signed up to receive weekend food backpacks. These children are identified as needing food by the school counselor or the child's teacher. Please help get $7,000 of food to stock the shelves with needed food. 

Posted by Samaritan Kitchen Of Wilkes Inc.