Baby K - Boy or Girl?

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We've got big news - Baby #2 is on the way!  We did a "gender reveal fundraiser" for Hazel, and we were able to raise over $700 for truly deserving organizations (plus, we didn't have to clean our house for a party!)  So, as the saying goes - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.   We wanted to do something fun to get everyone involved, and decided to turn it into a chance to give back. 

EVERYONE has an opinion - we know you do ;) Vote with your dollars - one dollar is the amount the closest of you would've spent on gas to get to a gender reveal party anyhow, $5 is  the price of a Hallmark card (we can see if you donated, so the thought counts all the same - skip the card!), and $10 is the price of a good margarita with Melissa (and you've got a 9 month hiatus there, so here's a chance to redirect those funds). Each gender has a specific charity selected who will receive the proceeds - click on the teams below to read about each charity. 

Brian and Melissa will take what they would have spent on a gender reveal party - half will be donated to the team of baby's actual gender, and half will be donated to the charity of the team that raised the most!

Here's the catch - we're finding out on May 9, but we're not spilling the beans until we reach our goal! 

To cast your vote, click the 'Donate' button above and select your team from the dropdown!

We know our little one will be showered with love and blessings - let's take some time to spread that around to other kids in need too :) 

Love - Brian, Melissa, Hazel and Baby K (whom Hazel says should be named 'Coco-Loco', which is fortunately very gender-neutral)

Posted by Melissa Kirkpatrick