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Inspired by Play4TheCure, Arts4TheCure is the official fine arts and performing arts fundraising platform of the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR), It’s not just about one color ribbon, we play for ALL CANCERS, ALL COLORS, ALL ARTS.

In the era of precision medicine, doctors want to use genetics to select the most effective drugs for each individual patient.  It’s time to move beyond individual cancer types – different colored ribbons.  By way of precision medicine, we will find cures for all types of cancer.  By supporting NFCR’s scientists in their invaluable research endeavors, you are helping pave the way to do exactly that: cure cancer. 

We have all been affected by cancer in some way or other or know those who have been.  Make a decision to support them.  Make a decision to help NFCR pave the way to finding a cure.  Together, performing for ALL CANCERS, ALL COLORS and through ALL ARTS, we will make a difference.

To CREATE a donation page:

-Click the "Join/Create Event" button on this page

-Choose "Start Your Own Fundraiser" OR “Join An Existing Group Fundraiser”

-Follow the prompts to create an individual or group fundraising page (for groups - please name your group "School/Organization Name- Program")

-For groups - Invite your fellow performers to join your group and create their own individual pages, using your new group page link.


-Select the individual or group you'd like to support from the “TEAM LEADERBOARD” tab

-Click the “DONATE TO A FUNDRAISER” button.

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