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What A Relief!

Support the Nevada County Artist Relief Fund for individual artists in Nevada County whose livelihoods have been devastated by COVID-19 . Donate $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more in support of Nevada County artists, or visit to make a monthly donation.

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Thursday November 12th
5:00 PM


To support professional artists in all disciplines whose livelihoods have been devastated by the impacts of COVID-19, Nevada County Arts Council and a coalition of local arts organizations have launched the Nevada County Artist Relief Fund. 

To help jumpstart donations and raise awareness for the fund, Nevada County Arts Council presented an online festival on August 22 featuring musicians, artists, actors, and more.

Through this incredible show of pride and solidarity for our arts community, we aim to provide entertainment and enjoyment for all of us who have missed seeing our favorite theater group or band perform in the last few months, or who have missed walking into a gallery or going to the movies.

“Before COVID-19 we could all go downtown any night of the week to experience an array of live music, theatrical and dance performances and film. The pandemic has created a gaping hole in all our lives. This event is a wonderful reminder of how much the arts and local artists mean to us,” says Eliza Tudor, Executive Director of the Nevada County Arts Council.

A stunning lineup of artists and arts advocates  assembled for the event including  blues rock slide guitarist Roy Rogers, award-winning acto and musician Micah Cohen, Scottish fiddler and composer Alasdair Fraser, classical guitarist Gyan Riley, filmmaker and gallerist Cheryl Haines, Nevada City Ranceheria Shelly Covert, experimental film pioneer Daniel Reeves, Pulitzer-prize winning poet Forrest Gander, Grammy Award-winning family hip hop musician Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, best-selling author and musician Sands Hall, Nevada County Poet Laureat Molly Fisk, award-winning performance artist Izzi Tooinsky, renowned visual artist LeeAnn Brook, Community Asian Theater of the Sierra (CATS), musician Peter Wilson,  poet Maxima Kahn, Velvet Foxeswith singer Lorraine Gervais, musician  Brett Shady,  Honey of the Heart musicians, artist Sarah Coleman, an array of actors from Sierra Stages, and many more!

The goal is to raise funds that will then be distributed as microgrants to Nevada County artists in need.

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on America’s arts sector. Since the first U.S. case was reported on January 20, 2020 cancellations and closings are taking place for thousands of arts organizations across the country, and two-thirds of the nation’s artists are now unemployed.

Nationally, financial losses to nonprofit arts organizations are estimated to be $4.98 billion, to date. They have also lost 208 million admissions due to cancelled events, resulting in a $6.6 billion loss in event-related spending by audiences (restaurants, lodging, retail). The economic impact of these losses is $1.9 billion in lost government revenue and 328,000 jobs no longer being supported.

These numbers mirror those in Nevada County. In late March, Nevada County Arts Council issued an independent survey to determine the severity of the local situation. During March-April alone 80% of individual artists surveyed reported devasting losses, while arts organizations estimated total financial losses of up to $10,000,000 as a result of COVID-19.

“Artists are in many ways our cultural first responders. We look to them to help with fundraising and supporting other non-profits and civic groups.  We also look to them for a source of inspiration and entertainment in hard times. This is one way we show them our support and thank them for all that they do to make our community unique, vibrant and a beautiful place to live,” says Jesse Locks, Executive Director of the Nevada City Film Festival.

“Now is the moment to support our local professional artists. We want our creative sector to be in the best shape possible, given daunting and uncertain circumstances, as we pull through this public health crisis as a community, not least because data clearly shows that we will be in the hot seat driving our economy through to happier times.”

Nevada County Arts Council is grateful to the expanding cohort of local arts organizations who are part of the coalition to raise funds for artists. So, far, these include The Miners Foundry Cultural Center in Nevada City, The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, Music in the Mountains, InConcert Sierra, CATS, Sierra Stages, Nevada City Film Festival, and Trails and Vistas and InnerRhythms Dance from Truckee.

“It speaks reams that our longest standing arts organizations – themselves battling to survive and thrive – are so supportive of our artists,” says Jon Blinder, Board President at Nevada County Arts Council. “It points to the healthy respect of one part of our sector for another, and the knowledge we all share that the arts have a critical role to play in driving our economy beyond COVID-19. What’s good for the arts is good for us all!”

All artists participating in this festival were offered compensation for their creative contribution. Many declined payment to enable support to be directed to other artists.

(List as of 9 10 20)

Anonymous $1,980

Michelle Amador $275

Martin Arkenstone $100

Kara Asilanis $100

Julie and Richard Baker $100

Joan Baranow $25

Andrea Baruch $30

Ellen Bates $250

Julie Becker $100

Robert & Judith Bee $100

Gregory Blaney $50

Jon Blinder $250

Pavana Bohegian $100

Gretchen Bond $50

Susan Brainin-Martin and Greg Martin $50

Lucy and Bruce Bottrell

Catharine Bramkamp $25

Brian Buckley $250

Roseanne Burke $50

Merry Byles-Daly $25

Greg Cameron $25

Katie Carter $100

Marlee Chamberlin $50

Erika Chin $100

Susan Cope $25

Mike Cormack $50

Sue Costa $25

Shelly Covert $10

Tara Crim $50

Judy Crowe $50

Caleb Dardick $50

Eve Diamond $30

Shannon Dooley-Miller $100

Daniel Elkin $20

Galen Ellis $50

Pamela Esmon $25

Kimberly Ewing & Drew Horwath  $50

Gwen Eymann $50

Dawn Fischer $10

Corinna Fisher $25

Jean Fournier $10

Alasdair Fraser $25

Judith A Funk $100

Gerald Gaynor $25

Mike & Barbara Getz $100

Bonnie Gleason $100

Hindi Greenberg $150

Lisa Haden $25

Jeannette Halderman $10

Jenny Hale $25

Sands Hall $50

Donn Harris $100

John Henkel $50

Sally and Bruce Herring $100

Chris Higgins $10

Hilde $50

Wayne Hood $100

Thomas Israelian $50

Lin Janovic $100

Nancy Jevons $50

Brett Jones $25

Maxima Kahn $25

Jan Kelley $10

Cristine Kelly $50

Jane Kesselman $10

Rebecca Kligerman-Savercool $150

Cary and Karen Korobkin $100

Azriel LaMarca $50

Debbie Lange $10

Jenifer Lawrence $25

Shaun Lawrence $25

Alison Lehman $50

Howard Levine and Posy Gering $100

Don Lewis $100

Jesse Locks $100

Nancy Lopez $10

Iven Lourie $25

Mike Maginot $25

JoAnn Marie $25

Marni Marshall $25

Marni Marshall $25

Michael mauldin $50

Peggy McConnaughay $50

Diane McIntire $50

Luanne McKinnon $100

Patricia McLean $50

Jenny Michael $10

Molly Moore $10

Pamela Morey $250

Julie Morse $100

Stephen Munkelt $25

Ean Murphy $100

Cyrus Musiker $50

Christine Newsom $25

Nevada City Film Festival $1,590  

Jeanne and Gary Palmer $125

Jeff, Shannon and Mitchell Pelline and Sierra FoodWineArt magazine $100

Terri Pencovic $10

Debra Plass $100

Keith Porter $100

Jane Primrose $50

Tasa Proberts $25

Ellen Reynard $500

Cassie Robertson $100

Paul and Ann Schwartz $250

Erika Seward $50

Laura Shady $10

Greg and Karen Sharp $250

Mike & Melissa Shutowick $100

Pamela Shyne $100

Sierra Nevada $500

Steve Solinsky $10

Natana Spohler $50

Paul Steege $25

Sheila Anne Stein $25

Tart $50

Tom Taylor $100

Ed and Barbara Thomas $100

Wendy Thompson $100

Chris & Judith $50

Eliza Tudor $110

Scout Valentine $25

James Vance $50

John Vance $100

Mark Vance and Estelle Barber $250

Teri Voorhes $50

Robin Wallace $100

Elyse Warner $50

Leslie, Clifford, Jon and Robert Whitcomb $10

Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra (CATS) $500

Jeannie Wood $100

Bob and Peggy Wright $100

***This list will be updated weekly. **


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