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Impoverished and underprivileged students all over the world are suffering due to the lack of governmental support in terms of funding, pressing issues with the country, and the lack of food for the innumerable amount of students. Apollo Foundation was founded to combat these issues. This problem has grown out of hand, especially during these trying times. 

Apollo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, composed of passionate students and several well-achieved regional directors, that work to provide better and more enhanced education to underprivileged students around the world. Currently, the Apollo Foundation is focusing support on the Roshni Learning Center, an organization that provides funding and education to students in Bihar, India. Along with our dedicated volunteers, we have partnered with the Asante Africa Foundation, the Taleem Doo Foundation, and the Helyx Initiative to provide such education to impoverished students around the world. Furthermore, the Apollo Foundation has commenced various Initiatives, namely the Middle East Initiative, the Cameroon Initiative, and the East Africa Initiative. Money raised from this GoFundMe page would go towards Projects, Partnerships, and Initiatives under the Apollo Foundation's discretion. Additionally, money raised will be used to enhance the Apollo Foundation's structure, fund major events, and heighten general engagement with volunteers and Chapters.

- Yash Abhyankar, President and Co-Founder

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