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  Dec 31 2020

Will You Help Us, Help Them? Donate Today

Your donations will buy food and cover medical care costs for senior dogs in need.

This holiday season your Aussie Pet Mobile Puget Sound team has decided to donate the funds we would have spent on a staff holiday party to Old Dog Haven in the amount of $2000.  With your help we hope to double or triple that amount!

Old Dog Haven is a small nonprofit group using a large network of foster homes to provide a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs in western Washington. When they have room and the means, they take these dogs into our homes. They adopt out those dogs with a reasonable life-expectancy. They care for the rest as members of the family in permanent foster homes (what we call “Final Refuge”) for as long as they have good quality of life. In addition, they try to assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through our website and referrals.

This year the pandemic prevented Old Dog Haven from holding their major fundraiser, Walk For Old Dogs.  Many of the dogs they take in are need of major medical care.  They could really use our help.

Throughout the year we, Aussie Pet Mobile provides complimentary grooming for ODH final refuge dogs.  These dogs hold a special place in our hearts.

Please consider donating today!

100% of all the funds donated will be given to Old Dog Haven.

Posted by Cynthia Compton