4th Annual Annie Abreu Fun Run/Walk

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  Oct 11 2019

Who is Ms. Annie Abreu? Ms. Abreu was the PE teacher at Goethe for 37 years! The first year that we organized the Fun Run (spring 2016) was officially her last year of teaching, since she was retiring. Ms. Abreu passed away in 2017. This run is named in her honor, and for her legacy she left at Goethe.  

What is the Fun Run/Walk?  A 1-mile run/walk event that all students K-8th participate in. This event helps 1) to fulfill some of the requirements for Goethe to achieve our  “Healthy CPS status”; & 2) to fund our garden program (aka Solutionaries). 

What do the funds go towards? Funds directly support our garden lessons as well as the maintenance, beautification and expansion of our green space.  

What is the Solutionaries program?  The Solutionaries program is restoring and cultivating a reverent relationship between people and plants. With its focus on food and environmental justice, we, at Goethe, are sowing seeds of radical love and revolution. 

Posted by Huu Nguyen