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Addison Foundation: We Need You

The Addison Elementary School Foundation (AESF) was formed in 2008 in response to a growing need for the funding of additional academic enrichment activities at Addison Elementary. Like many schools in Cobb County and across the country, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization was formed to secure private and government grants, as well as to encourage parent and community contribution. Without AESF, there are very few options available to obtain funding for additional resources for our school.

Because of the support from our families, AESF opened the Science Lab on April 22, 2010 -- making us one of the few elementary schools in the area with such a lab. The science lab’s equipment, supplies and full-time instructor are funded 100% through AESF. In February 2020, Addison Elementary School became a Cobb County STEM certified school, making the Science Lab that much more important to maintaining and advancing that certification. We also use foundation funds to support activities such as garden enhancements, interactive experiences, equipment, special guest speakers, and classrooms iPads.

Government funding only covers the basics necessary to provide a solid education for the children in our community. Where this funding comes up short, private donations from parents and community leadership help to fill gaps and ensure that Addison Elementary can provide an enriching and robust educational experience that is second to none. Please help us to continue filling these gaps by donating to AESF.

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