A WOD To Remember 2018

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  Nov 11 2018 . Canada

A WOD TO REMEMBER asks all Crossfit athletes in Canada, their friends, and families, to step up and help Wounded Warriors Canada in its ongoing support of our active armed forces members, veterans, and their loved ones. During the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, Crossfit athletes ask you to join them in donating funds for the meaningful work of this great charity. On November 11th, Canadian Crossfit gyms will call upon their members to complete not just an ordinary WOD (“workout of the day”), but a HERO WOD.  Crossfit athletes have always acknowledged a debt to the men and women of our armed forces and this Remembrance Day, each athlete will go all out in a demonstration of their support.  Please give generously to spur on the athletes.  All dollars raised will go directly to Wounded Warriors Canada. Thank you for your support and to all Canadian Crossfit athletes and boxes, it’s time to bring it! 

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Please note, all donations $20 and over will receive a charitable receipt directly from Wounded Warriors Canada. 

Posted by Jacqueline Holder