A New Roof for New Destiny

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  Jun 01 2020 . Edmonton, AB, Canada

In the last couple of years, the shingles on the high pitched roof at New Destiny Church have seriously deteriorated.  While we have watched this happen over time, we have never had the available resources to address this issue.  The roof has now begun to leak into the interior of the building, and should this continue, the damage to the building and assets could be significant.  As the roof is a very steep pitch, replacing the shingles requires significant equipment and safety protocols for workers, and is therefore much more costly than a simple 'shingle job'.  In addition, due to the age of the building (original build was 1905), there is the possibility of roof repairs being necessary, once the old shingles are removed and the roof exposed.

The building at 10605 -96 Street, Edmonton, AB has stood as a lighthouse of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in one form or another, for 115 years in this community.  It continues to this day, endeavouring to be faithful to the Word of God, and the work and power of the Holy Spirit, reaching across culture and class barriers to present the love of God to everyman.  

On a regular basis the Church reaches out through the Street Level Outreach program, to bring a hotdog, or a bowl of chili, along with various personal items and clothing to some of the needy persons in the downtown core of the City.  This is accomplished by a cross-denominational group of volunteers, who feel a passion for reaching the vulnerable, the addicted and the homeless and poor among us.

WIthout a physical presence in the community, our witness could simply disappear.  We are determined not to let that happen.  While this undertaking is a challenge for our small group, we know it can be done, by the grace of God, our efforts of faith, and with many hands supporting and contributing.  If everyone does what they can, and then tries a little harder, and invites others to help out, we can see this important work done, so we can concentrate on the even more important work, of touching the souls around us, with the Love of God.

Posted by New Destiny Church of Edmonton

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