A Healthy Snack, A Healthy Mind: NDG Giving Tuesday 2019

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  Dec 03 2019 . 4a Calle Oriente, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala provides quality education to over 500 students from low-income families. However,  due to family circumstances, students often come to school without breakfast. Our goal is to provide the children with better snacks to give them more of the nourishment they need during the school day so they can focus on their studies instead of their stomachs.

With our current budget we are only able to provide a small snack which isn’t enough to satisfy the kids’ nutritional needs throughout the day. Your donations will enable us to double the amount of food we give the children, as well as the nutritional value each snack holds. Our hope is to not only offer more wholesome food, but also to increase parental education on the value of nutritional meals in their children's lives.

Through better snacks, we can help the students pay attention in classes and affect their everyday attitudes in a positive way. This way, they can absorb the knowledge they are learning that will eventually help them achieve our goals to find opportunities for future education and careers so they can take part in breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala and their communities.