The Kumunda and 65th & Woodlawn Community Garden

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The Kumunda and 65th & Woodlawn Community Garden

Are you a 2019 gardner returning in 2020? This page allows you to pay your 2020 plot fees by credit card. In 2020, each plot is $45 (+ $2 credit card processing fee). 

Click the "pay plot fees" button above to begin the 2020 Garden Survey and review the 2020 Garden Usage Agreement. 

Of course, extra donations are welcomed. Click "Donate" if you or someone you know would like to provide a financial gift to our garden. 

All returning gardeners must pay their 2020 plot fees by March 22. On March 15, we offer all unclaimed plots to the people on our 2020 new gardener waitlist. 

Note: If you see a 10% "GoFundMe Charity Tip" listed alongside your plot fees, feel free to remove this item at checkout.

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