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Thanks to our generous supporters, dedicated ambassadors, and engaged partners, 5 Gyres has had a fantastic decade researching plastic pollution in the world's oceans. This is all thanks to people like you. To continue empowering action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution, we need your support, so thank you for visiting this page and donating to 5 Gyres’ mission.

Our proudest moments to date include:

- Launched a brand new, community-led science initiative, TrashBlitz. This program is backed by data collection technology that we designed, and is now being used around the world by larger coalitions like Break Free From Plastic to conduct brand audits of trash collected worldwide.

- Discovered that over 7 trillion pieces of microplastics flow into the San Francisco Bay every year! We released a three-year study in collaboration with other organizations and it is proven that this kind of science impacts the way policies are written. 

- Grew our Ambassador program with amazing individuals across the globe! Ambassadors are taking their knowledge on plastic pollution to new heights and educating their communities further.

- Traveled over 50,000 nautical miles on 19 expeditions in search of plastic.

- Discovered microbeads in the Great Lakes and laid the foundation for the Microbeads Free Water Act of 2015 passed signed into law by President Obama. 

With your help, our future is looking brighter than ever but we can’t do this work alone. Will you join us?

Donate today or start a fundraiser with your family and friends so that we can continue our efforts in keeping the planet plastic-free.

Thank you for your support, today and everyday.

- The 5 Gyres Team -


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