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We are sad to share that our biggest charity event has been canceled due to the risk of COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus. We would of celebrated our 41st Annual Cambodian New Year Celebration (charity fundraisng event).

The impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus on our nonprofit organization:

Our Annual Cambodian New Year Celebration is our yearly fundrasing charity event where a major portion of donations received would be used to further support our program and services for our Cambodian, immigrant, and refugee families. This important and historic Cambodian community event brings together nearly 500 attendees each year celebrating Cambodian culture and organizational accomplishments. Because of the  COVID-19's health, community, and environmental impact, our organization will be loosing out on thousands of dollars that would of gone to support our preschool program, after school and summer camp program, important and urgent social services to families, and support for our Cambodian refugee elders. 

We Need Your Help and Support!

In response to the impact of COVID-19 and it's impact on our organization, we would like to ask for your support through donating ANY AMOUNT of money. Your donation will help us recover and gain back what we could of raised at our charity Cambodian New Year event. 

What Your Donation Supports:

Programs & Services Your Donation Supports Are....

1. PHLpreK Preschool - 3 to 4 years old

2. Out-of-School Time Programs  (After School & Summer Camp) - Kindergarten to 5th Grade

3. Khmer Language & Arts Program (Culture Program) - 1st grade to Adulthood

4. High School Youth Programs (College & Career, Asian Youth Empowerment, and Career Immersion Program) - 9th to 12th grade and out of school youth ages up to 24. 

5. Social Services Case Management - Families and Individuals in need of basic to urgent needs social services

6. Community Health Initaitive - Families and Individuals in need of health navigation, langauge, and prevention education support. 

7. The Legacy Project - Engaged Older Adults and Elders Program

8. Civic Engagement and Advocacy - Community Cultivation and Initiatives 

Posted by Sarun Levant