3rd Annual Show your #LoveforAMP

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  Feb 08 2019

This is our 3rd annual #LoveforAMP fundraiser! The fundraiser will run from Feb 8th-Feb 22nd. We have sponsors who will be matching donations when we reach the $100, $200, $250, and $500 levels so your donations will be AMPlified! We welcome more sponsorships and you can set your own match level! 

$100 sponsors: Courtney Owens and Tim Grimes

$200 sponsor: Allyson Roberts 

$250 sponsor: Justin Laughter 

$500 sponsor: Kelly Groh 

AMP!'s mission is to connect students and mentors through school-based mentoring to amplify perspectives on what can be. Our goal is to create self-confidence, stimulate learning, and encourage career discovery for middle school youths in the Richmond Region. Our vision is a Richmond Region where all youth believe they can achieve. 

We need funding each year to make sure the program runs smoothly and new mentors are added each year. Here are some examples of what your generous donations can help pay for: 

$10 – fund one representative for our College and Career Day; OR a new board game for our matches to play together 

$30 – fund training for one new mentor 

$50 – fund complete onboarding for one new mentor (training, background check, My Mentor & Me Book, AMP! orientation expenses); OR fund one day of mentoring 8 students $150 – fund our website and email for 1 year; OR fund training seminar for Program Coordinator 

$225- fund background checks for all new mentors for a school year 

$500- fund new mentor training for all new mentors for a school year

Thank you for your consideration!

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