Team Bili - 28th Annual America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride – Lake Tahoe

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Why We Ride

Join us in helping to find a cure for the fastest growing rare cancer in the nation.

 Bile Duct cancer is a silent cancer. It can go unnoticed until you have real problems. Most of the time the cancer is found so late it has woven itself into the liver and connecting organs and cannot be removed. Most people who contract this cancer have few options.  Treatment options are surgery, chemo, radiation and if you are lucky, a trial drug but none offer a cure. 

This is why we've decided to team with the Bili Project Foundation: to help continue to raise funds to further tissue research at UCSF for Cholangiocarcinoma. The money raised will fund the Kathy Barboza Young Investigator Award to study targeted therapies for the type of genetic mutation that occurs with the particular tumor type.