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On April 15, 2013, my five-year old son and I, were three feet away from the first bomb that detonated at the Boston Marathon. Although Noah miraculously walked away almost unscathed, the emotional aftermath has been far worse than any of the physical trials either of us have endured, including the amputation of my left leg below the knee. Fortunately, with proper Post-traumatic stress treatment, we have seen Noah thrive to be a happy, healthy seventh grader. It has become our family’s passion to not only educate people on what Post-traumatic stress in a child/teen looks like, but most importantly, provide specialized therapy treatment to those who are suffering.  Each year…

  • there are over 3 million cases of PTSD reported in children by Child Protective Services alone.
  • many go untreated since there are little to no financial resources available to help with the high cost of therapy treatment.

Childhood PTSD leads to major problems including but not limited to…

  • substance/drug abuse
  • depression
  • violence
  • suicide

Therefore, we were inspired to create Rebekah’s Angels to help make therapy funding readily available to children and families who need it.  Today, we are requesting your generous, tax deductible donation in hopes that you will join us on our mission to change the lives of children suffering with PTSD. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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