2021 Page Education Foundation Doggie Walk

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2 Ways to Walk - Doggie Walk

The Doggie Walk is the Page Education Foundation’s annual summer celebration where people and pets in the community from all walks of life gather to support education! 

This year, there are two ways to walk with us - 

In person or virtually*

*Last day to register virtually in order to gaurantee your box of swag arrives by the event date is July 13th, 2021


1.  Registration for the Doggie Walk is only $25 and required.  You can directly PAY or FUNDRAISE your registration fee by clicking on the purple, "Register for Event" button at the top of the page.  

Guests who want to support us by fundraising their registration fee can create a personalized Doggie Walk fundraising page by selecting the Fundraising Ticket in registration. For details on how to customize your page click here.

All registered guests will receive a Doggie Walk medal, t-shirt, and doggie treats but special prizes will be awarded to guests who meet certain fundraising levels.  See details below.

2. On Saturday, July 17, 2021, you may walk from the comfort of your neighborhood and virtually join us by sharing a photo or video of your walk and doggie using #PEFWalkYourWay


You may physically join us at Lake of Isles in Minneapolis at 8:00 a.m. for a 3-mile walk around the lake with Alan Page, Page Scholars, and our doggie friends. The on-site celebration will include entertainment from a live brass band, treats for both doggies and humans, fun prizes, and more!


Special prizes will be awarded to those who meet our “fun”raising levels.

The Puppy Paw - Individual guests who register for the event and raise between $25 - $249 will receive a shiny Doggie Walk medal, one of our signature Doggie Walk t-shirts, 1 bag of NutriSource dog treats, 2 sample bags of NutriSource dog food and a coupon for a free "Muttloaf" at any Craft n' Crew location*

The Omega Paw - Individual guests who raise between $250-$499 will receive all the treats from Puppy Paw level as well as a signature Doggie Walk Bandana.

The Beta Paw - Individual guests who raise $500-$999 will receive all the treats from Puppy Paw and Omega Paw level as well as the official "Alan Page Dog Whisperer Fanny Pack" filled with special treats for your furry friends.

The Alpha Paw - Individual guests who raise $1000+ will receive all the treats from Puppy Paw, Omega Paw, and Beta Paw level as well as an autographed copy of Alan and Kamie Page's 4th children's book, "Bee Love (Can Be Hard)"

The Top Dawg - The Doggie Walk individual guest who fundraises the most funds is our"Top Dawg" and will receive all the treats from Puppy Paw, Omega Paw, Beta Paw and Alpha Paw as well as a very special prize!

A special thank you to our event sponsors:  NutriSource, Karen Boros, Craft and Crew Hospitality, Travelers, Downtown Dogs, Dog’s Day Out, David and Jan Jones, Planting People Growing Justice, Sam and Patty McCullough, Amanda Moua and Ben Jacoby, Grustola Granola, Sidewalk Dog, Lucy & Co., and Kwik Trip.

*While supplies last

Questions?  Contact our Events Coordinator, Annika Greenberg at annika@page-ed.org

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Saturday July 17th
8:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Page Education Foundation
About Us

In 1988, Diane and Alan Page created the Page Education Foundation (501c3) to encourage Minnesota students of color to pursue post-secondary education. Recognizing a need for our education system to reach more young people of color, the Pages used Alan’s induction into the NFL Hall of Fame to launch the organization. From its inception, the Page Education Foundation has offered financial assistance to students of color facing barriers to attaining their educational dreams. In turn, these young leaders return to their communities to serve as tutors and role models for elementary and junior high school students.

In its first year, the Foundation awarded Page Grants for post-secondary education to 10 Page Scholars.  Thirty-three years later, almost $16 million in Page Grants has been awarded to more than 7,700 Page Scholars.  Our Page Scholars have given nearly 500,000 hours of volunteer service to communities across Minnesota, impacting the lives of over 50,000 children.

Alan, with a public and successful career as a professional football player and then as a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, was and is the face of the Page Education Foundation, but Diane was its heart and soul. She made the important personal connections with donors, staff and volunteers and, most of all, with Page Scholars past and present. She and Alan were always completely in sync about the goals and activities of the foundation (he once said, “We were so close that sometimes it was hard to know where I stopped and she began.”) but it was her warmth, commitment and attention to detail that made those goals come to life. If she wasn’t on the phone with a potential donor, she was organizing a group of volunteers to read applications or helping a Page Scholar connect with a possible job opportunity.

Diane died of cancer on September 29, 2018. As was typical of her personality and her commitment to the mission of the Foundation, she worked tirelessly on Foundation efforts until the day of her death.  Today, guided and inspired by Diane’s vision and commitment to creating opportunities—and hope—for Minnesota students of color, Alan and the Page Education Foundation continue her work.

In 2020, the Page Education Foundation’s board members agreed to rename the organization “The Page Education Foundation founded by Diane and Alan Page,” doing business as the, Page Education Foundation, in order to more directly recognize Diane’s crucial role in starting and growing the foundation.

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