2021 Bird-a-thon

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  May 08 2021

After a year off due to Covid,  we are relaunching our Bird-a-thon this year! The 2021 Bird-a-thon will occur on May 8th, which is also World Migratory Bird Day. 

With funds raised from this year's Bird-a-thon, our goal is to help purchase 15 Motus system-based nanotags to place on Cerulean Warblers in Costa Rica. With each tag costing approximately $200, plus another $500 needed for tag activation and data management costs, our need is $4000.   

Our goal with this research project is to improve the understanding of Cerulean Warbler migratory connectivity. Cerulean Warblers migrate through Costa Rica, both on their northern and southern migration, but where are the Cerulean Warblers from Western Wisconsin going? How about the Cerulean Warblers from Virginia or Arkansas? We know birds winter in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru, but which populations go where? Or do they all mix? We hope to help answer those questions with this project!

Will you help us reach our goal? 

Each $200 tax-deductible donation will sponsor a specific tag and we will provide you with information update on your particular tag. Plus, each donor of $50 or more will receive an RBG Bird-a-thon T-shirt, and $25 donors will receive an RBG facemask. 

Meanwhile, on May 8th, RBG Members will get out birding and try to see as many birds as they can. When making a donation please feel free to support one of our team members!

Thanks for your support!

(Photo: Ryan Sanderson - Flickr)


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