2020 Team Chance Owl Ride for Jackson


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2020 Team Chance Owl Ride for Jackson

Ride with Team Chance or make a donation to help premature and critically ill babies! Athletes support Jackson Chance Foundation whose mission isremovethe financial burden of parking fees, giving every family the opportunity to be with their child. Every $300 raised gives one NICU baby's family one parking pass for one month.

This year, Team Chance will be riding from Chicago, IL to Valparaiso, IN. Riders will be starting the ride at the St. Jane Hotel Chicago, riding 55.5 miles along the beautiful Lake Michigan, lakefront and some of Chicago and Indiana's most scenic prairie paths and country roads. Riders will enjoy a lovely dinner and stay overnight in Valparaiso, IN. After a good night's rest, riders will ride 55.5 miles back to cross the finish line and celebrate with their friends and family at the St Jane Hotel Chicago! 

Riders will also have a one-day ride option which will be starting on Saturday from St Jane Hotel Chicago riding to Valparaiso, IN and taking a shuttle back to the St Jane Hotel Chicago or starting on Sunday starting in Valparasio, IN riding to the St Jane Hotel Chicago and taking a shuttle back to Valparasio, IN. 

Whatever option you choose, two-day or one-day, you will be invited to the Post Ride Party on Sunday at the St Jane Hotel Chicago!

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Saturday August 22nd


Team Chance Owl Ride for Jackson is a two day, 111-mile ride starting in Chicago riding to the Country Inn and Suites in Valparaiso, IN and back to Chicago. Riders will be guided along paths, road, and trails for 55.5 miles one day and another 55.5 miles the next day. This year, the Owl Ride will be offering a one-day option with shuttles back from Valparasio to Chicago on Saturday and Chicago to Valparasio on Sunday. 


Saturday Departure:

· 5:30am: Bag drop-off

· 6:00am: Owl Ride for Jackson Day 1 Departure (Social Group)

· 6:20am: Owl Ride for Jackson Day 1 Departure (Peppy Group)

Saturday Arrival:

· 2:00pm: Valparaiso Arrival

· 6:30pm: Team Chance Dinner

Sunday Departure:

· 7:00am: Team Chance Breakfast (included in hotel price)

· 8:15am: Bag drop-off at Hotel

· 8:30am: Owl Ride for Jackson Day 2 Departure (Social Group)

· 8:50am: Owl Ride for Jackson Day 2 Departure (Peppy Group)

Sunday Arrival:

· 3:00pm: Chicago Arrival

· Upon Arrival: Post-Ride Celebration


· We will be riding together as a team.

· Five formal rest stops per day (additional rest stop may be added)

· Most stops will be no longer than 15 minutes.

· The ride will take 7-8 hours each day - approx. 57 miles.

Items Provided by Rider:

     · Bike

     · Helmet

     · Water bottle

     · Anything else you want (headphones, phone holder, mirrors, etc.)

     · Overnight bag:

         · Dinner Saturday night is casual and in our hotel.

         · Riders may venture into downtown during the day or after dinner.

         · In case of rain, please bring a jacket and additional clothing, socks, etc.

         · There is laundry at the hotel, but we suggest you bring a back-up outfit for Sunday.

Items Provided by JCF:

· An amazing weekend!

· Guided route with ride leaders

· All meals, snacks, and beverages

· First-aid kit

· Bike maintenance (tubes, air pump, patches, etc.)

· JCF t-shirts, water bottle, and sweatbands