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2021 Programs & Events

We are back in-person for the 2021 Walk & Roll! Join us to raise funds for programs benefitting our community while having fun outdoors - TOGETHER! Sign up for a Team or to sponsor (see sponsorship page at spinabifidaco.org).

 July -  Walk N' Roll is the largest gathering of the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado community, typically over 250 people, with families coming from all over Colorado as well as Wyoming, Nebraska, Arizona, and New Mexico.  The Walk N' Roll is designed to build the local Colorado community and raise financial support for people living with Spina Bifida.

contact events@spinabifidaco.org with questions

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Saturday July 17th
7:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Colorado, USA
Colorado, USA


Spina Bifida is the #1 birth defect in the world with no main cause, it can be hereditary however in most cases the cause is unknown.  Every year over 1600 babies are born with Spina Bifida.

The mission of the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado is to build a better and brighter future for all those affected by Spina Bifida.

Colorado Facts

Approximately 3.5 in every 10,000 births results in a Spina Bifida diagnosis.

There are approximately 166,000 people living with Spina Bifida in the United States. Approximately 1,689  of those people live in Colorado. (data collection period: 2010).

The cost of lifetime care for people with Spina Bifida in Colorado is $1,000,000 though it can often exceed $1,689,000,000.

We pursue our mission by educating the public about the latest research on prevention, ex. the intake of folic acid before and during pregnancy.  For those individuals and families already affected we bring them together through multiple activities to see they are not alone in there fight, that we are a community.  We have individuals in their 70's and younger living with Spina Bifida, we can learn from each other how to get through the different stages of life.  We learn how to prevent common medical issues, how to get through school with common learning conditions, how to pursue higher education, job, relationships, etc. 

Join us and support the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado to educate the world about Spina Bifida and to enhance the lives of people in our community by bringing them together.

Thank you,

Mark Deschamp

Adult with Spina Bifida & Past Board Chair of the Spina Bifida Association of Colorado