One Hour to Town Meeting Confidence

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2020 Citizen's Town Meeting Training

 We can all help get more affordable housing inventory in our region by attending our local town meetings and speaking up for housing. We have to participate in local government to make government work for all of us. It is easier than you think! Often the public is given 3 minutes or less to speak about a topic at town meetings. You could speak about the need for more affordable housing in general or about a specific zoning or housing development proposal. This one-hour training will be hosted with CCYP and will give you the basics to speak up at your town meeting.  

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Thursday September 17th
6-7 PM
Barnstable County, MA, USA
Barnstable County, MA, USA

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This session combines Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP)'s popular Shape Your Cape training with Housing Assistance's citizen advocacy training.  In one-hour we'll cover:

- basics of town meeting vocabulary and process

- talking points to support more housing  that's affordable for people who work here

- mock town meeting with opportunities to practice your public comments and respond to opposition 

- question and answer session with seasoned town officials and town meeting participants

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