2019 One Hour Long Cycle Charity Event

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  Oct 19 2019

The One Hour Long Cycle (1HLC) is an International Charity Event that allows people around the world to come together for 60 minutes and lift as a unified spirit to make a real difference for those in need.    We have an opportunity to show what is in our hearts.   We can use our tool, the kettlebell, as a vessel to carry us towards greatness, comradery, and helping to save lives.   You will feel the energy from your brothers and sisters lifting next to you.   Their energy will hold you up during the moments you can’t do it alone.  You will finish.   The One Hour Long Cycle,  If you lift in it once, you will lift in it forever.   What’s in your heart?

The One Hour Long Cycle International Charity Event is back for its 10th year!  Kettlebell lifters from around the world are invited to take part individually, or as a squad, and lift at the same time no matter where they are in the world, for 60 minutes of kettlebell long cycle (clean and jerk)! This year, we invite you to join us as we are lifting with LOVE to support veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11th, 2001.  Our 2019 featured charity is the Wounded Warrior Project!

Posted by Matthew Belter