2019 Boot Camp

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Love Has No Color's Boot Camp is the annual trek out to the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana to do community service, put on events (we love the Fun Days just as much as the kids do!), and generally have an amazing time with the kids who live on the reservation. Each year, chiropractors, their patients, and community members from all over North America put on a fundraiser to aid the Native Americans who live in Poplar, Frazer, and Wolf Point. 

Love Has No Color is a partnership with the Assiniboine/Sioux tribes to end the extreme hopelessness of Children on the Fort Peck Reservation. With Chiropractic care for the kids, youth and fitness initiatives (like our street hockey rink and basketball court), and life-changing seminars, we, with the tribe’s help, will restore the health, dignity, cultural identity, traditional values and hope of all on the Reservation. Many world projects travel great distances to help kids. Popular destinations include African countries like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Congo, and more. LHNC is focused on kids living in third world conditions right here on American soil. There is nothing more disturbing or appalling to discover kids living in this type of squalor right in our own country. For all of the Love Has No Color events, the goal is a to integrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Native American youth. For more information, visit www.savethereservation.org