2019 2 Feet • 4 Paws • 1 Cause Walk

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2019 2 Feet • 4 Paws • 1 Cause Walk

Join us for our 7th annual 2 Feet - 4 Paws - 1 Cause Walk in Pleasanton!

We are walking to change the lives of people with insulin dependent diabetes by placing them with a medical alert service dog trained to alert on low, high, or changing blood sugar levels.

Our Walk in Pleasanton is hosted on the Thermo Fisher Scientific Campus, outside of building C. We have prizes for our top individual fundraiser and top team fundraiser, a team t-shirt contest, social dollar auction, and more! Lunch is provided with registration. The walk is about two miles long, but there is a shorter one-mile option. 

Tie up your laces, ask for sponsors, and join us at our 7th annual 2-4-1 Walk! 

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Saturday September 28th
10:00 am
6065 Sunol Boulevard, Pleasanton, CA, USA
6065 Sunol Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94566, USA


Insulin dependent diabetes is a full time job. It requires constant vigilance: careful consideration of food to determine how much insulin is needed, constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and frequent adjustment of insulin levels accordingly to stay alive. Even with the advanced technology on the market today, mistakes happen, and errors are frequent. Every day is different with diabetes.  

At Early Alert Canines, we train dogs to support people with diabetes by alerting them of changes in their blood sugar level before those levels leave normal range. Our dogs alert on low, high, and changing blood sugar levels, frequently beating monitoring technology. They smell chemical changes within the body and alert the person with diabetes. If necessary, the dog then alerts the caregiver of the diabetic. Our dogs give people with diabetes and the parents of diabetics peace of mind, which helps them sleep a little easier knowing someone else is helping keep a "nose out." They allow teens and adults with diabetes to live a more independent life, and help alleviate some of the constant worry associated with this life-threatening disorder.  

Early Alert Canines places its dogs for only a $100 application fee, despite the high cost associated with training them to do this life-saving work. As a three-employee 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all funds raised go directly to the program, and every dollar makes a difference!  

This year our annual walk has a fundraising goal of $35,000 — the cost of training and supporting one service dog. Rally your friends and families, build a team, raise some money, and come join us at our 2 Feet • 4 Paws • 1 Cause Walk!