108 Challenge 2020!

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Why Is This Important?

YogaShield's® Protocol is evidenced-based to enhance the lives and performance of first responders.  Together, we can raise funds to get first responders and military personnel the tools they need to process stress, build resilience and enhance performance through the field-tested methodology of Yoga For First Responders®.

We invite you to be a part of this movement to give 2,200+ first responders Cyber Academy for FREE for a year.  It is without a doubt that YogaShield's® mission can save lives and make a difference in those we touch! 

"One of the most important changes that I think I experienced is a more effortless mindfulness.  As a first responder myself, I knew that there had to be something I could do to bring myself out of the excited state of getting a call in the middle of the night, but I didn't know what or how.  Being mindful of what is going on around me, and knowing how to control my mind, body and breath has been a game changer." 

- Dana, Firefighter/EMT


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    108 Challenge 2020!

    A few weeks back you may have seen our team member, Eric, doing 108 sun salutations in full firefighting bunker gear!  Now it's your turn! Our goal is to give our Cyber Academy away at no cost to over 2,200 first responders around the country and we can do that if we hit our goal! We are challenging you to do 108 or a version of that number of your favorite activity, whether it be sun salutations, a physical activity, creative activity or something else you think up! The sky is the limit here, so just be CREATIVE. Are you ready? Let's go!

    • REGISTER: As an individual or a team
      • Individual: Raise funds on your own competing with other individuals
      • Teams: Collection of individuals raising funds together and competing with other teams. Examples: Seattle Police Department vs. Seattle Fire Department or Jones Family vs. Smith Family or Squad vs. Squad
      • A special prize will be awarded to the entire team that fundraises the most!
    • SET A GOAL:
      • $108 is the minimum per person to QUALIFY for swag.
      • If you raise less than $108, you can still participate, tag and share!
      • Each individual of a team must raise $108 or the entire team will forfeit it's swag, use that peer pressure.
      • You will receive a unique web page to share
      • Use the language provided or create your own language to invite friends and family to build the capacity and ensure YogaShield remains sustainable in delivering its mission that you know is critical for first responders.
      • Do 108 of anything, be CREATIVE. Examples: 108 Sun Salutations, run 10.8 miles, walk 1.08 miles, 108 jumping jacks/squats/push-ups, 108 steps etc, bake 108 cookies, lick a Tootsie Pop 108 times, play music for 108 minutes.
      • Do any of these in uniform and receive a special t-shirt (photo or video required)
      • Optional but encouraged: Join our Zoom Broadcast, link and passcode sent when you raise $108
      • Share and tag photos of you doing the challenge on social media, using #YogaShield108Challenge and tag@yogaforfirstresponders
      • No social media? Take a short video from your challenge and send to this will be used for our celebratory montage video
      • Watch training videos every week posted on YFFR’s social media pages and YouTube
      • Join the Yoga For First Responders Community Facebook Page
      • Post pictures and videos of yourself training for the event or explaining your personal “why” of being involved. Make sure to tag @yogaforfirstresponders so we can share your posts!
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    Sunday June 28th
    10:00 MT

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