1000M Cycle Club: 6000 Miles for 6000 Learners

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1000M Cycle Club: 6000 Miles for 6000 Learners

What is the 1000 Mile Cycle Club?

The 1000 Mile Cycle Club is a Simbi Foundation initiative which unites cycling enthusiasts to ride for impact.

What is 6000 Miles for 6000 Learners?

Simbi Foundation’s 1000M Club is virtually riding 6000 miles for 6000 learners over the span of one week. Whether out on your road bike, your mountain bike, or on your spin bike at home, you can join us as we collectively cycle 6,000 miles within one week and raise $14,000 to install the next BrightBox in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Uganda, supporting 6000 remote and refugee learners, many of whom face unreliable access to schooling. 

When? Ride anytime you want from August 29th - September 5th, 2021! 

Where? It’s virtual! Cycle the distance anywhere! In your neighborhood, on your spin bike, up your nearest mountain, or a nearby bicycle route. All you have to do is track your miles on Strava!



What is a BrightBox?

A BrightBox is a digital, solar-powered classroom built from a shipping container. Stocked with laptops, tablets, digital content, and more, the BrightBox supports up to 6,000 remote and refugee learners every week, as well as provides renewable energy for an entire school.


Ride for Impact offers you the following opportunities:

1. The Ride

On August 29th - September 5th,  join us virtually and ride from anywhere in the world! Whether out on your road bike, going off-road in the mountains, or on your spin bike at home - track your 50 miles in Strava! With a team of just 120 riders we can reach this goal!

2. The Prizes

By personally fundraising for the next BrightBox, you’ll have the chance to win some exciting prizes!

3. The Impact

As part of joining the 1000M Club, we ask you to engage your network and fundraise $110 or more to fund the next BrightBox for students in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Uganda. With a goal of fundraising $14,000, we only need a 120-person team to complete the next BrightBox, This means enhanced access to quality literacy and education resources for 6000 learners to reach their full potential!

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Sunday August 29th
- Sunday, September 5th, 2021
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Why 6000 Miles?

258 million primary and secondary school-aged children don’t have access to education. Without reliable access to schooling, learners can quickly fall into challenging situations that perpetuate the poverty cycle.

6000 Miles for 6000 Learners raises funds to support 6000 students with a BrightBox, a solar-powered classroom that provides access to literacy and education resources for a community of 6,000 simultaneous learners. With an effective and sustainable educational foundation, learners are able to reach their full potential.

6000 Miles for 6000 Learners brings together a minimum of 120 cyclists with the goal of riding a combined 6000 Miles in one week, virtually! Help us enhance access to education for students by joining the ride and sponsoring our cyclists. 

6000 Miles for 6000 Learners begins with a single pedal, thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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