100,000 m Erg Challenge- COVID 19 Relief- Fisherman's Mark

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  May 08 2020 . Lambertville, NJ 08530, USA

Hi everyone!  Cait here. As many organizations are struggling to perform their functions, whether through lack of monetary, volunteer or other resources during the COVID 19 pandemic, I wanted to start something to give back and help some of my favorite organizations continue to be able to serve those in need... and what better way to do that than through something I love... ROWING! In the spirit of Concept2 and its 100,000 m holiday challenge, from May 7- June 7 I will be rowing (erging indoors and safely) 100,000 m over the next month and welcome donations starting at $10- the minimum donation amount on gofundme- (additional donations are welcome, especially to help us surpass 100,000 m!) to two of my favorite food and social services organizations who are working hard to continue to provide access to fresh food and other services even under these dire circumstances- Fisherman’s Mark food pantry and Rolling Harvest Food Rescue! I have created 2 campaign pages- one for each! This is the Fisherman's Mark page. Here is the RHFR page: https://charity.gofundme.com/100000-m-erg-challenge-covid-19-relief-rhfr

I hope that you will help me reach my goal and, if I'm not too tired after 100,000 m- surpass it for these wonderful organizations! Please  donate,  and/or  share  this  page  to  spread  the  love!  Be  inspired to spread  the  #covidergchallenge  and  spread  kindness rather  than  germs  :)  

To   learn more about FM and RHFR and their amazing missions to provide individuals and families with access to fresh, healthy food and life-sustaining services, during the pandemic and always, please visit their websites: Fisherman’s Mark- https://fishermansmark.org/

Rolling Harvest Food Rescue- http://rollingharvest.org/

Peace and love,  Cait

Posted by Caitlyn Shoemaker