Schools for Tomorrow

  Jan 01 2019 . Sierra Leone

We believe in the power of young people to change the world!

But more than 125 million young people are out of school worldwide, in the world’s poorest countries, affected by disaster, conflict and disease.

Street Child brings education to these potential Change-Makers. And over the next 5 years we’ll be planting the seeds of the future by building, renovating and re-energizing 1,000 schools across Sierra Leone.

Education is a fundamental human right and the surest pathway out of poverty. Our work creates a generation of adults who themselves have the skills, knowledge and resources to solve the systemic poverty and marginalization their countries and communities face. And this is crucial for long-term change. 

 Will you help these Change-Makers write a brighter story for themselves, their families and – when the time is right – their own children?

We’re asking people to get together with friends, family, team mates, fellow worshippers, co-workers and class mates, and raise enough money to sponsor a school. Once finished, you’ll choose a name for the school, which will go on a sign outside the building – like those pictured below! You’ll then receive photos of your school, information about the children using it, and regular updates on the entire project.

Join to raise $3,000 as a team, or Donate to give $3,000 as a lump sum, or $125 per month for two years.

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