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EVENT DATE: Apr 22, 2017

Many of us have heard the statistic 1 in 3 teens are victims of Teen Dating Violence. It’s on many domestic violence websites and is a staple of the work we do in educating on the subject and eradicating teen dating violence. However, the climate has changed. Today in America, around the world, and in our community, it is imperative we evolve the conversation and our work to addressing the needs of teens from marginalized communities and the intersectionalities of violence.


An important aspect of this walk is to demonstrate that our youth are not alone and help is available. The NYC Teen Dating Awareness Walk-A-Thon gives a platform to the voices of Youth which is critical in having any conversation about preventing teen dating violence and the overall goal of creating safe communities. It is essential we stand together in solidarity because it takes a village to awaken a movement.

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