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North Quabbin Trails Association (OIC)

NQTA is a outdoor trail organization with a core mission of fostering accessibility for all of our North Quabbin community and beyond.

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Since its inception in 2012, the purpose of the North Quabbin Trails Association, Inc. has been to sustain and work towards outdoor trail development, maintenance and improvements. 

This includes but not limited to, the restoration and maintenance of trails on land and water, proper education and safety in areas of trail maintenance and construction and creating partnerships  with other outdoor organizations, groups and individuals to further these goals.

NQTA has established new hiking, biking, snow shoeing, cross country and equestrian trails within the North Quabbin area. We have logged in over 32,000 hours of volunteer community service to complete the 250 miles of the Quabbin to Monodnock Experience including 42 overnight shelters.

After four years of complex work with Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and abutting landowner Fred Heyes, NQTA is seeing a culmination of our goals.  This complex initiative has afforded NQTA, DFW and Fred Heyes a cohesive working partnership to move forward.

During this four-year period NQTA has completed 2 major Tully trail projects.

1) Complete stewardship rehabilitation, signage, blazing, mapping of the Tully mountain.

2) Relocation, signage, trail building, mapping off existing trail coming down a transmission line. This is at the end of the wonderous Tully ridges and now called Snaky Vista.

This includes the improvement of the Tully Trail system, with the relocation of a two mile stretch of trail, off a dangerous roadway and onto Fred Heyes property. This two-mile relocated trail follows a beautiful bio reserve meadow and through Fred Heyes early successional forest harvesting area. At this relocated area at the base of the Tully is a perpetuity cut meadow that will now act as their central forest trailhead for the entire 22 miles Tully trail.

Part of NQTA’s expanding vision has become Sociability and Accessibility for All (including, of course, our beloved furry friends). NQTA’s vision is to allow for a full range of society to holistically and safely utilize all our North Quabbin and Central Ma. stunning natural resources.

We have sought to include local veterans and youth in this initiative.  NQTA has recently submitted a DCR Rec trail grant that will provide an innovative 100 Vet / Youth woodworking signage program at the new artisan workshops at the Launchspace at OIC. The students will be paid a $25 stipend for each sign produced. This signage will be used to help create a consistent and professional visage along the entire 22-mile Tully Trail, which will be immediately implemented upon successful grant procurement.