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Notes for Growth Inc

Notes for Growth strives to transform the lives of children through access to music education.

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Scientific research has consistently demonstrated that reading music and playing an instrument constitute a full brain workout. Music education helps improve children's cognitive development and academic performance, while fostering confidence and social skills, which are essential for kids to realize their full potential.

At Notes for Growth, we strongly believe all children, no matter their present circumstances, should have the opportunity to benefit from music education.

We collect donated, underutilized musical instruments, like pianos, and transport them to deserving institutions that teach music for free to children and operate in underserved communities in the US, Chile, and beyond.

With the help of our generous partners, sponsors, and friends like you, we are able to carry out our Musical Instrument Project at no cost to the receiving entities. The instruments are placed on lease and their impact is monitored continuously.

Because everyone in our team is a volunteer, 100% of every dollar you donate goes straight to funding our operations.

Notes for Growth is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN: 32-0557787).